Alright. Here’s a bit about myself. I’m Demelza Ramakers and live in a small light polluted city in the south of Holland.

My interest in astronomy started in the Himalaya, India, where I was I for a hiking tour. We slept underneath an amazing dark sky, with thousands of sparkling stars. Funny enough, this experience awoke my interest in theoretical astronomy, but not visually.

A few years later I met some other people with the same interest. This was the first time I looked trough a telescope. I remember that I couldn’t believe why there where people that where standing outside in the freezing cold, looking at faint, fuzzy dots in the middle of the night. So I continued reading my books.

A short while after my first acquaintance with the night sky, I went to Turkey with some astrofriends to experience the total solar eclipse. Well, that finally triggered my interest in stargazing! A short while after the eclipse, I bought my first telescope: a 7cm refractor. With this telescope I learnt my way around in that amazingly big sky. For the first time I actually saw the objects I’ve been reading about.

In August 2007 I bought a bigger telescope: a Sky-Watcher 8″ Dobson. This opened my hunt for strange galaxy’s, nebulae and other deepsky objects.

I can’t imaging a live without visual astronomy anymore. Now I’ts my turn to stand in the freezing cold and look at faint, fuzzy dots in the middle of the night!


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“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”